How to find us

We prepare two maps in order to understand better the location of our apartments to the ski slope and to downtown.





By looking Google maps (summer pictures) it is not always easy to understand our exact position to the slopes and how you can ski directly to the apartment. With this map we try to clarify our position as best as we can.

The blue line is the ”official slope” Saslong-B.
The green line is around 300 meters long and is the slope which allows you to ski to the apartments. The red line is around 220 meters long and is the distance you need to walk for start skiing. Or using the skibus (ask for the updated skibus schedules)

The orange line is around 200 meters long and is a ski-trail which connects you to the ”official slope” Saslong-B.






On this map you understand the position of our apartments and the restaurants, grocery stores, footpaths, skipass office...




If you drive by car, taxi, airplane or train, at this link you will find all the information needed to reach easily Val Gardena


Pitla Cësa | Selva Val Gardena | Dolomiti | Str. La Sëlva 57 | Wolkenstein Gröden | Dolomiten | | Inhaberin/Prop.: Insam Irene Elisabetta | Mwst.-Nr./Part. IVA: 02293750218